Everyday Pattern

Everyday Pattern is a small design studio founded by Mariana Agmont in 2014 out of the desire to create hand made patterns and pretty products for the modern, everyday life. Our products are designed, printed, hand-sewed, and hand-packed in California, and held to high-standards of quality, sustainability, functionality and, of course, prettiness.

The Designer

Hi there! Before Everyday Pattern was a studio, it was my personal project to create hand made patterns daily. In the process I discovered new techniques and fell in love again with the imperfections of manual craft. My inspiration comes from nature, with strong Brazilian influence translated into sophisticated and vibrant colors.

What we believe

Life with a pretty touch.

At Everyday Pattern we believe pretty is contagious. It creeps into our everyday routines to make us smile. Everything we do has the goal to improve our life indoors or outdoors. The beauty of everyday translated into thoughtful, sustainable, vivid, hand-designed, hand-made, durable, and highly functional pretty things.